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Like Father, Like Daughter: Sarah Kendzior’s Father is Directly Involved With the Manafort Brothers, Yet MSNBC’s Joy Reid Continues to Host Her

Just in case you missed this before, let me point it out again…because it’s absolutely unbelievable, yet nightmarishly true:

  1. Sarah Kendzior’s father, a former city manager in Meriden, Connecticut, is directly involved with the Manafort Brothers.
  2. Sarah Kendzior’s father is apparently currently UNDER INVESTIGATION by the FBI, related to his involvement with the Manafort Brothers.
  3. MSNBC and Joy Reid CONTINUE TO HOST Sarah Kendzior as a pundit, despite these facts, as well as Sarah’s clear track record of pushing disinformation that aids Kremlin objectives, as explained HERE.

Regarding Sarah’s father’s shady contract deals with the Manafort Brothers. I provide you with the following links:

1) FBI and IRS at Carabetta Office Building

2) Letters Reveal Tension Between Meriden City Manager And Finance Director

3) Developer Chosen For Pinnacle

The third article explains Carabetta Organization’s relationship with the Manafort Brothers.

And since the Usual Suspects are attempting to scrub Paul’s name from the family business, I’ve taken the liberty of providing screenprints from the Manafort Brothers website: